Using the cloud is a particularly convenient way to store your important files, especially if you use an automatic syncing service such as Dropbox.  The only problem, however, is that Dropbox is not universal.  Before it came the well-established Google Docs service, in addition to dozens of other companies offering similar storage services.  This is where Onepost comes in, allowing you to connect all of your file-hosting services in one convenient, easy-to-access spot.

Onepost is built especially to work with Google Docs, one of the most widely-used file hosting services on the web.  With Onepost, you can connect your Dropbox account directly to your Google Docs account, allowing you to work hassle-free anywhere you have an internet connection.  You can even email your files to Dropbox, making content backup easier than ever.

The ability to email files to Dropbox this way makes group work and collaboration a breeze.  No longer do you need to worry about sharing a cloud host login or passing around removable memory, all of which can jeopardize the security of your work.  With a Dropbox email service through Onepost, everyone in a work group can send their files out for safekeeping while this digital vault remains secure.  If you need an added layer of security, Onepost Premium services will encrypt Dropbox files for you so that their content isn't visible to hackers.

Onepost is the only service on the market that offers both Dropbox email and Dropbox encryption.  You can continue to use Google Docs and Dropbox for their convenience and great features, but your content is safe from accidental loss as well as prying eyes.  Onepost simply does the legwork for you to sync the two, acting as your own personal digital assistant.

The ability to encrypt your Dropbox files also allows you to use this valuable service for more than just work-related content.  Now, you can store personal information as needed, such as copies of personal identification or financial data, allowing you to access it anywhere you have internet.  This Dropbox encryption is especially useful to frequent travelers who may need quick yet secure access to bank account numbers or passport copies.  All you have to do is email your files through the Onepost service and you have your content and information anytime, anywhere and always secure.