Paste an Image from the Clipboard Into Your Blog Posts

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Now you can easily paste an image from the clipboard into your blog post if you're using Chrome. 

1. Copy an image to the clipboard.

2. Create a new blog post with

3. Hit Ctrl+V. The image appears in your blog post!

And as always, you can add cool photo effects and frames right from within!




Use Onepost Filters On Your Photos

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It's quick and easy to apply Onepost Filters and Frames to your favorite photos. 

Apply Filters
You can apply filters when uploading your photos as shown in the screenshot below:

Here we first uploaded a file, then clicked on it to display the filters, including Sepia, Lomo, Nashville, Polaroid, Vintage and others. Then we clicked the Insert button to insert the filtered image into the blog post.

Apply Filters and Frames
The other option is just to insert the photo into the post and then apply filters or frames. There are a variety of filter and frame options.

In addition to the filters described above, you can click on the frame icon to apply frames to a photo. Using the Framebox You can choose from Nashville, Polaroid, Hearts, Tie-dye, and several others. 

Here's the result of choosing the Polaroid frame:

Sharing and Shortlinks
Your newly framed or filtered photo is automatically posted to Facebook and any other services you have connected via Onepost.

But if you just want to send a link around to your friends, that's easy to do. creates shortlinks for images included in blog posts so you don't have to. Just click on the image, copy the image URL and send it to your friends.

Here's the link for the Polaroid photo above

Blog on Facebook with the Onepost Facebook App

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It's easy to blog directly on Facebook with the Onepost Blogging app. Unlike other blogging platforms, there's no need for you -- or your readers -- to leave Facebook. You can compose new blog posts and your readers can view them all while staying on 

Here's how to get started:

1. Go to

2. Click Login in the upper right and choose Facebook. This will log you into Onepost.

3. Start writing your post! Click Publish when done. Posts appear automatically on your Facebook wall and your friends can click to read your complete post.

New Frames Support - Nashville, Hearts, and Polaroid

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We've added more frames to! Now you can choose from Polaroid, Nashville, and Hearts, as well as a variety of others.






New Onepost Filter Support - Lomo

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