Cool Photo Gallery On GoingFishing Blog

Mar 29, 2012 | 1 comment

We love getting feedback from users and seeing new and cool ways people are using

David Gray recently put the Photo Widget on his Tumblr blog. It lets him easily display his photos from Dropbox on his blog. Check it out at!  

File Uploads From Any Web Site To Dropbox or Google Docs

Mar 26, 2012 | Make a comment

We've just released support for uploading files from your computer or any web site! Now you can upload files from any site into your Dropbox or Google Docs account. 

To upload a file from a web site:
1. Go to
2. Click Upload Files
3. Type the link of the file to upload and click Upload

To upload files from your local machine, simply click the Choose File button and select the files you want to upload. Uploading files to Google Docs or Dropbox is now fast and easy. 

The great thing about being able to upload files from a web site is that uploading continues even if your computer is off. Got a huge media file or presentation you need to grab from a client's web site and upload into Dropbox or Google Docs? No problem Just enter the URL in the edit box and click the Upload button.

File Upload Widget For Google Docs

Feb 07, 2012 | Make a comment

It's easy to embed a file upload widget in your web site or blog with the Onepost File Upload Widget.

File Upload Widget For Dropbox

Feb 03, 2012 | Make a comment

This widget uploads to Dropbox. Get the Onepost upload widget for your own site!

Easy File Uploads For Your Site

Feb 03, 2012 | Make a comment

Letting people upload files on your web site or blog is easier than ever with the new Onepost File Upload widget. The Onepost Widget works with Google Docs and Dropbox. A few lines of HTML is all it takes and the widget comes in both iframe and script versions.

Check out the upload widget below.