Embed Dropbox Photo Albums

Jan 25, 2012 | Make a comment

It's easy to embed Photo Albums from Dropbox, Facebook, Google Docs or other services into your blog or site. Here's a sample:

And check out this sample on Tumblr:


To embed a Dropbox photo album in your own Tumblr:

1. Login to Onepost and go to Photos - Onepo.st/photos.

2. Click on Dropbox Photos and connect to Dropbox if you're not already connected.


3. Choose your album.

Click "Get the photo widget."
Copy the script and paste it into your Tumblr blog.

Your Dropbox photo album will now be displayed in your Tumblr blog.

Add Photo Albums To Your Blog

Jan 24, 2012 | 1 comment

Now you can embed photo albums from Dropbox, Facebook, or Google Docs into Blogger, Tumblr, Wordpress, or your own web site.

This is great for showing off your favorite photo albums when your photos are stored in Dropbox, for example, but your blog is on Blogger, Tumblr, or Wordpress.

It's also makes it easy to keep portfolios of your work in Dropbox and then display those portfolios on your blog or web site.

Login to Onepost. Click on Photos. Get the Onepost Photo Widget. You'll be embedding your favorite Dropbox, Facebook, and Google Docs photos and photo albums in your blog or web site in no time at all.

Here's an embedded album:

And here's what Onepo.st looks like once you log in, giving you access to your favorite services:

Apply Instagram-like Filters To Your Photos

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With Onepo.st, it's easy to customize your photos with filters and frames! You can do this even if you didn't use a photo sharing app like Instagram when you first took the photo. Here's how.

1. Upload. Upload your photos from your Mac or PC, from Facebook, or any web site. 

2. Select. Mouse over the photo you want to frame or filter. The frame and filter icons will appear. Click on the frame or filter icon. 


3. Customize! 


Easily Share Photos With Onepost Photo Albums

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Introducing Onepo.st Photo Albums, which make it easy to customize and share your photos online. 

With Onepost Photo Albums, simply add photos to your Onepost desktop folder and you get albums that are easy to share with friends and family. 

Onepost Photo Albums also work with Google Docs, so if you've already uploaded your photos to Google Docs, you can view images stored in Google Docs as an online photo gallery.

Get started at Onepo.st!